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We love super cars.

Discover fabulous tracks that will add a touch of emotion & elegance to your advertising campaigns or social media content.

Our work.

Fast 2:06

For Lamborghini.

Passion 2:03

For Audi.

Cat 1:56

For Pennzoil & Dodge Challenger.

Time 1:48

For Ferrari.


The majestic piano gently takes you by the hand to lead you to where all your dreams come true. Everything becomes possible if you have faith.


Daydream on a Thai beach. Mix of classic and vintage sounds on the keyboard + Electronic and solar percussion game.


The dark side of force can take over if you let anger dominate you. You will have the choice to open your mind and your heart to a greater force within you.


Welcome aboard your Lamborghini. The only limit is that of your mind. In your ears: Hip Hop + Electro + Freedom +  Thrill of Speed.

Need custom music?

We create custom music for your advertising campaigns, movies, social media content and more. Your work is exceptional. We therefore provide you with the perfect soundtrack, tailored to your specific aesthetics.