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French composer, designing stylish music for brilliant filmmakers 💥

"DVIS music has sex appeal + a strong emotional & cinematic power. The charming piano melodies immerse you in romance and secret dreams. Rays of light are encapsulated in its ultra chic electro sounds and hip hop beats."

Play & enjoy.




Need custom music?

We create custom music for your advertising campaigns, movies, social media content and more. Your work is exceptional. We therefore provide you with the perfect soundtrack, tailored to your specific aesthetics.

Behind the scenes.

DVIS, Music composer

Carine, Co-founder

We are the love and business partners behind DVIS Sync. As music designers, we create original music that instantly upgrades your film. When you listen to our music, you feel that you are unique, your dreams can come true and you are on top of the world. Our passion for music & communication is at the very source of the creation of DVIS Sync. Our biggest ambition is to create magic artistic collaborations with exceptional filmmakers. We love working with talented directors because they are creative and keen observers of human nature, just like us.
When we are not creating music, you will usually find us at the cinema, traveling around the world or simply in the streets of our cherished Paris.